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Welcome to our paint stripping service in London!

At Barnsbury Joinery strip the wood by dipping it into a tank of potassium hydroxide. It’s then washed down with a high-pressure warm water hose. This gives the wood a new clean finish. We treat all the wood for woodworm as standard. Barnsbury Joinery has three decades years of experience in the stripping of doors and wooden architectural fittings to a very high standard. We are a trustworthy company who always trades on our reputation and come highly recommended. Our clients are household names and we return your stripped doors, windows, furniture, or other project both dry and quickly. Why take a chance on anyone else for your one-of-a-kind fixture? Barnsbury Joinery, is London's premier paint stripping service.

We paint strip all types of:

  • Doors 

  • Window Shutters

  • Staircase Spindles

  • Architraves & Skirting 

  • Sash Windows 

  • Old Pine Furniture 

Collection and delivery can be arranged at an additional cost. For further information on our painting stripping services please contact us at: or on 0207-1646305

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