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DIY Luxury Timber Sash Window Draught Proofing Kits


​Each Draught proofing kit contains all the materials needed to overhaul and draught proof one vertical sliding sash window (maximum window height 2950mm x maximum width 1450mm). Each Kit contains the following:

  • Timber Staff Beads (Primed & Un-primed):
    3no x 3 metre Lengths

  • Timber Parting Beads (Primed & Un-primed):
    3no x 3 metre Lengths

  • Brush Pile Carrier:
    2no x 3 metre Lengths

  • Brush Pile:
    22 metres

  • 6mm Waxed Sash Cord:
    14 metres

  • Window Furniture: 

     Sash Lifts x 2, Narrow Brighton Fastener x 2, 19mm Reddilock x 2

  • Materials:
    Sash Cord Screws x 1no packets, Panel Pins x 1no Packet, Mastic x 1no tube, Lead Make Weights x 4Lbs, Latex Gloves x 1no Pair




















What tools do you need for draught proofing your sash windows? 

  • Hammer 

  • Chisel

  • Multi-tool (Not essential but handy to have) 

  • Cordless Hand Sander 

  • Snips 

  • Cordless Drill 

  • Small Chop Saw 

How much can you save by draught proofing your sash windows?

By carrying out a full draught proofing on your home you could save on average £55 per year according to the Energy Saving Trust. By doing so you will benefit from not losing hot air from your home meaning you can turn down your thermostat or reduce your heating temperature. Thus saving you another £65 per year. Imagine the effects on properties with sash windows as they experience bigger loses of heating, could they save even more?

The Energy Saving Trust also suggests that if every household in the UK was to carry out this procedure on their home, every year the UK would save £180 million which would be enough to heat nearly 930,000 homes. So not only does it improve the energy efficiency within your own home but it reduces the consumption of the UK in general. Our luxury sash repair kits are all you need to draught proof and repair your sash window in one easy to install kit complete with an easy to follow instruction manual. 

From: £164.50 + VAT

For further information or if you have any questions regarding how to prepare your property please contact us at: or call our head office on: 0207-1646305

Sash Window Repair Kit London
Sash Window Repair Kit London
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