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Resin River Coffee Table's - Bespoke Joinery by Barnsbury Joinery  

Barnsbury Joinery has been hand crafting bespoke resin river coffee tables for over 15 years. All our designs are built from sustainable or reclaimed wood that comes from reliable and trackable sources. This totally eliminates the need for cutting down fresh new trees, therefore greatly reducing our environmental footprint. 

The great thing about our design process is that what other see as undesirable, we see as invaluable. Each reaction is designed to totally minimise as much waste during production as possible. All our river tables are made from epoxy resin. These range from marble white, through to orange, blue, pink, black and many more. We are happy to use any colour you would like when creating your signature resin table. We can even match the colour to suit your home or office.

The resin is custom made in our factory located in Hertfordshire and poured into a bespoke frame built for your signature resin river table. When the epoxy resin is poured it can dry with many different effects and patterns within the resin so please bear this in mind. The process to make a resin table in our workshop in Hertfordshire by craftsmen who have spent decades in the trade.

For all our river tables large or small, we always uses sustainably sourced wood from one of our special suppliers. This can be oak, olive walnut, or maple amongst others but all are sourced from suppliers who carry the FSC or PEFC certifications. This ensures that all the wood we use is from sustainably managed forests where new trees will be planted to replace the ones that are taken. Please below a section of resin river coffee table's we have manufactured for clients.











To save time at Barnsbury Joinery we have implemented an online quote request system. Once we receive your request we will endeavor to contact you within 24 hours. If you require assistance or would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0207-1646305 and we will be happy to help you.


At Barnsbury Joinery Co we service all of London and Hertfordshire. Including Islington, Hackney, Hampstead, Primrose Hill, Camden, Stoke Newington, Clapham, Angel, Canonbury, De Beauvoir Town and Clerkenwell. Please check our 'areas we work in' page to see if we work in your local area.