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Barnsbury Joinery - The Top 5 Building Tips 


1. Budget is King: Work out your total budget before doing anything or even thinking about your design. Work out what liquid assets and equity you have and add this to your borrowing capacity: that’s your total budget and the one that you need to stick to. Then add a contingency of at least 10 per cent, because the tighter the budget, the more stress there will be, especially at the end.

2. Take Your Time: There’s a man on the latest series of Grand Designs who started his project when he was single, and is still working on it, even though he’s now married with two children. So remember to take your time when it comes to building or decorating your home.

3. Flair and Imagination Count More Than Money: You can throw as much money at the project and then sit back, content that all of your friends and family will admire your taste and the boldly printed brand names. Or you can use your flair and imagination to make less expensive alternatives look even better. Remember that you don’t have to fill every space. 

4. Watch the Weather: Cold and wet are the enemies of any building project. If you’re building with limecrete, for example (lime mixed with aggregate, an alternative to concrete), it can’t be used below 4C as it won’t set properly.

5. Keep the Neighbours On Side: Hardly anybody welcomes new development close to their home. There can be a lot of hostility. Move to negate that. Make the effort. Shake hands with your neighbours and stress that, whatever’s gone before, you’re going to be their neighbour. You’re upsetting the status quo for now. But two years down the line, you’ll be the status quo. 

To save time at Barnsbury Joinery we have implemented an online quote request system. Once we receive your request we will endeavor to contact you within 24 hours. If you require assistance or would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0207-1646305 and we will be happy to help you.

At Barnsbury Joinery Co we service all of London and Hertfordshire. Including Islington, Hackney, Hampstead, Primrose Hill, Camden, Stoke Newington, Clapham, Angel, Canonbury, De Beauvoir Town and Clerkenwell. Please call us now to find out if we work in your local area.

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