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Benefits of Double Glazed Timber Sash Windows


Thermal and acoustic insulation as well as increased security are some of the key improvements that double glazing offers our clients who might be considering changing from single glazed to double glazed. For many home owners within a conservation area, replacement with uPVC or metal double glazed windows are an unacceptable option as they detract from the authentic charm of the property. At Barnsbury Joinery we understand the importance of maintaining the same appearance when transferring from single to double glazed windows.

We manufacture and install traditional replica wooden sash windows into existing timber frames, which come with a hand painted finish and also double glazed units with energy efficient (low E) glass. In some cases it is even possible for us to convert existing single glazed sash windows to accept new slimline double glazing units.  Replacing your single glazed windows with double glazing and combined this with our restoration and draught proofing service will provide you with a substantial improvement with your building or property.. 

All the work carried out by Barnsbury Joinery is designed to be as indiscreet as possible, with our draught proofing system machined into the staff and parting bead to become an "invisible" part of the window.  The appearance of the property is virtually unchanged, while preserving the character and charm of the building or property.

Our Double Glazed Sash Window Replacement Includes: 

  • Detailed survey of existing sash windows and frames

  • Our standard restoration & draught proofing service

  • Manufactured bespoke timber sash windows

  • Re-balancing the weighting mechanism

  • Large selection of double glazed sealed units.

  • A choice of hand paint finishes. 

  • A wide range of ironmongery in a choice of finishes.


Upgrading to Double Glazed Slimline Units: 

We can also replace your existing double glazing units in your sash and casement windows with new thinner Slimline double glazing units. Generally speaking a thickness of 18mm is considered to be about the maximum allowed before the unit starts to look different within a traditional sash and casement window. Exceeding this thickness of glass may often clash with local legislation and building controls if you property is located in a conservation area. In listed buildings and conservation areas a slimline double glazing unit is usually required. Its thickness is usually around 12mm, 4/4/4, argon filled with a low e glass unit. For no additional cost we will also install toughened glass to the lower sash for reasons of safety. We also provide triple glazing windows at Barnsbury Joinery. 

To save time at Barnsbury Joinery we have implemented an online quote request system. Once we receive your request we will endeavour to contact you within 48 hours. If you require assistance or would like to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0207-1646306.


At Barnsbury Joinery we service all areas of London and surrounding areas. Including Islington, Hackney, Hampstead, Primrose Hill, Camden, Stoke Newington, Clapham, Angel, Canonbury, De Beauvoir Town and Clerkenwell. Please call us now to find out if we work in your local area.

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