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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I have to pay for a site visit? 

No we offer a free estimate service, which is free regardless of whether you choose Barnsbury Joinery or not. 

Should I replace or repair my sash windows? ​​

It's always cheaper to repair and restore your sash windows but in some cases your windows maybe in such a bad condition you may need a complete replacement. 

Do I need scaffolding?


No. All traditional sash windows can only be removed from the inside. Therefore all our work is carried out within the building. The beauty of our removal system means that once we’ve finished our installation, all sashes are easily removable from the inside for continued maintenance. 


What are the benefits of draught proofing sash windows? 


There are several benefits such as the elimination of draught, no more rattles, noise reduction, heat loss reduction which helps reduce your energy bills. We are also pleased to offer a 5 year guarantee.

Can you upgrade the glass in my windows?


Yes, we can repair broken panes, upgrade glass to laminate, or install new double glazed units.

Can you supply double glazing windows for conservation areas?

Yes we can supply specialist double glazed slimline units for conservation areas.

Are your windows hand painted or sprayed?

All new windows supplied by Barnsbury Joinery come hand painted or hand painted onsite.  

Is your factory located in Islington?

No our factory is located in Crouch End and Abbey Road but our head office is based in Islington.


What if I only have a small problem with my window?​

We can help with any issues you may have with your window regardless of how big or small the job is.

Are the locks you use insurance approved? 


All the locks we use on new windows and restoration work are insurance approved.


Do your windows comply with building regulations?

All new sash windows Barnsbury Joinery supply are compliant with Document L building regulations. All new sash windows, casements and doors that fit into existing frames are not required to comply with building regulations as such work does not affect the structure of the building. 


What timber do you offer?

We offer treated softwood and hardwood windows. The majority of timber used FSC accredited and sourced from managed resources.


Do you replace broken springs? 

Unfortunately we are unable to repair or replace spring loaded sash windows. These are modern replacements traditional cord sash windows which in our opinion are inferior system and prone to problems.

How much does it cost? 


Our team are happy to provide you with a rough price over the telephone. But we would advise a personal inspection of the works that need to be carried out in-order to provide a detailed written quote.


How much will replacing my sash windows add to the value of my property when selling ?


It's difficult to put a figure of the valuation of putting new sash windows into your property. But if you live in an area where most of properties have traditional timber sash windows. Having the wrong windows in your house is likely to have a negative effect on the value of your property. 

Is there much mess? 


No, we are very good at containing any mess that we make. We will only begin our work once all carpets and surrounding surfaces are protected. We recommend that you remove all valuable items from the working area but we will supply our own dust sheets for maximum protection. Please read how to prepare your property from further information.

Do you cover all of London?

Yes we cover all areas of London, please see our Areas We Work In page.


For further information or if you have any questions regarding the services we provide at Barnsbury Joinery please contact us at: or call our head office on: 0207-1646305

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